Crazy Cow Flavors

Spicy Hot Ginger

You don’t follow the herd. This jerky is perfect for those that want a little tingle on their tongue!


Not for the pepper shy. Kick without the sweat. Taste it, you won’t forget it. A mans Jerky, to be sure! But sassy ladies like it too.


Cowafornia Style Jerky is the most unique original flavor out there. Sweet, a bit tangy, and watch out for that celery seed!

Smokey Teriyaki

A bold, robust, yet dignified palate teaser. There’s no second hand smoke in this Jerky! We put it in, right from the start!

Teriyaki Ginger

Savor the unusual delight of natural ginger in our Teriyaki ginger Beef Jerky!

Hot Pepper Styx

Won’t make you lazy, but they are just crazy good! So try this six pack today!